I probably shouldn’t do two Star Trek fights in a row, but my comic collection is a bit disorganized at the moment and this was what I was able to grab.

As we approach the new year (which we survived, didn’t we alarmists?) we will either become a year older or on the path to becoming a year older. Someday all of us will be old. But being old doesn’t mean you can’t still fight. Or does it?

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“Double M” round 12

The Battlefield: Star Trek Unlimited #10 (Marvel/Paramount Comics; March, 1998) “The Veteran”

The Promoters: Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton (writers), Tom Morgan (penciler), Scott Hanna (inker), Phil Felix (letterer), and Kevin Tinsley (colorist)

It should also be noted that this comic was in coordination with an events in the novels known as “Klingon Days of Honor“, which focused their stories on the Klingons and Klingon philosophy. This had two stories but we’re focusing on the tale of Kang, now a colony governor. He heard rumors that Kirk didn’t die (as seen in Generations) and hurried to the planet he was seen on. I’ll tell the rest of that story someday but first you should know that Kang isn’t the only one investigating rumors.


“But my first officer replaced my phaser with a Nerf gun as a joke.”

Sulu, now captain of the Excelsior (formerly captained by Stan Lee I believe), has also come looking to see if Kirk somehow survived being sucked into deep space and into a ribbon-shaped, mobile black hole. I guess senility came early.


And then they broke their necks. Short story, really.

No, they actually survive…somehow…and teamed up. Because after all this was produced by Marvel.


click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head over to Spacebooger.com and vote in this final round of the “Double M” tournament. (Free forum membership is only to comment so feel free to vote without signing up to anything.) And if you have a large collection of comic-based fights feel free to join in when the next tournament starts. You cold be one of the weekly winners heading for the Prize Fight.

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