The Double M tournament is complete, and it’s time for the Prize Fight! Double DOSE is the name of the game because two are better than one. I’m in this Prize Fight and I need to find a double strike. I know with that title you’re expecting Hulks, but I’ve distanced myself as best I can from that nonsense. Let’s see, dinosaurs seems to do well for me. Godzilla does well for everybody. Hey, I bet I can do both. But this is the Prize Fight so I need more than your average dinosaur. So let’s set the mutated Godzillasaurus against a Devil Dinosaur!

Friday Night Prize Fight logo

Double M/Double Dose Prize Fight!

Check out the Prize Fight logo! This one’s for the championship!

The Battlefield: Godzilla #21 by way of The Essential Godzilla (Marvel Comics; April, 1979) “The Doom Trip!”

The Promoters: Doug Moench (writer), Herb Trimpe (penciler), D. Green (inker), I. Watanabe (letterer), and Ben Sean (colorist, although this is the black and white reprint)

Long story short: Godzilla has been sent into the past and thanks to Hank Pym he’s about normal dino size (possibly the size he was prior to mutation, really). He also ended up in the ancient past…in the Valley of the Flame. Immediately, the Big G is attacked by dinosaurs working for some nasty characters, but try telling that to Moon-Boy.


I can see why these two have trouble making new friends.

Thanks to the size alteration, Godzilla and Devil Dinosaur are surprisingly evenly matched.


But how would they do at a spelling bee?

So who’s going to win? Whose name is on the comic?

Typical wrestling match. The manager has to interfere.

Typical wrestling match. The manager has to interfere.

At this point Moon-Boy spots the guys who own the other dinosaurs and realizes they’re the REAL invaders.


Hey MB! Aren’t you the one who told DD to attack Godzilla in the first place?

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to and vote for the winner of this edition of the Friday Night Fights: Double M! The winner receives an actual prize! And if you have a lot of comics, feel free to join us in two weeks to take part in the next FNF tournament. We could use some extra competition!


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