Worlds' Finest #9

PG really IS popular with the fellas.

Worlds’ Finest #9

DC Comics (April, 2013)

WRITER: Paul Levits
ART TEAM: George Perez, CAFU, Yildiray Cinar, & Phil Jimenez
LETTERER: Carlos M. Mangual
COVER: Barry Kitson & Blond
EDITOR: Mike Cotton
GROUP EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

Raiders, claiming to be “repo men”, attack Starr Island, with only Huntress and Karen’s assistant to guard it. In a flashback we see how Huntress obtained her outfit in his world and later how she disrupts a sex slave operation.

What they got right: More about the mysterious enemy going after Power Girl’s attempts to get everyone home to Earth-2, including the fact that Hakkou was part of this group. The action was well done, and Karen’s assistant (I don’t remember her name while writing this) gets to kick butt, too.

What they got wrong: The two flashback stories, which have no framing device and just pop up, are more Huntress-centered, as is the main story. They serve no purpose other than to show Huntress (whom Levitz is a co-creator) being awesome, which should be happening in the main story. The only thing PG does in this is a last-minute rescue (relatively speaking) in the main story and worry about meeting Superman or ask for money in the flashbacks. It’s not a good showing for Power Girl at all.

Recommendation: Huntress fans should really enjoy this issue, but Power Girl fans will feel left out. Still a good story that’s worth picking up, and this is probably the start of the next arc.

I can see why Karen hired her.

I can see why Karen hired her.

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