Worlds' Finest #10

I suppose they had to acknowledge this bit of stupidity in this comic.

Worlds’ Finest #10

DC Comics (May, 2013)

WRITER: Paul Levitz
ARTIST: Kevin Maguire
COLORIST: Rosemary Cheeham
LETTERER: Carlos M. Mangual
EDITOR: Mike Cotton
GROUP EDITOR: Eddie Berganza
“HUNTRESS” CREATORS: Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, and Bob Layton
“POWER GIRL” CREATORS: Gerry Conway Ric Estrada & Wally Wood

Power Girl and Huntress strike back against Holt Industries, which appears to still be run by Michael Holt, who is supposed to be on Earth-2. However, the girls’ plans are put on hold to morn Damian Wayne’s death in one of the other Bat Books.

What they got right: As annoying as it is to kill off Damian it’s good that the comic acknowledged it due to his appearance in this story and the short bit of bonding the two did. Sure it kind of derails the story but it would have been wrong not to have Helena morn her alternate universe brother.

What they got wrong: Before picking up the comic I read complaints about Huntress chastising Power Girl for going a bit out of control early in the story. While it wasn’t as bad as I thought, you can still tell which character Levitz favors. (Hint: the one he co-created.)

Recommendation: This one is kind of skippable thanks to the derailment of letting Huntress morn but it isn’t horrible.

Why can't be get Power Girl being more like this?

Why can’t be get Power Girl being more like this?

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