I don’t usually like to do fights where the hero loses, but last week I wanted to do a comic done by Carmen Infantino, who passed away last week. The problem with my collection is that it’s hard to find anything. Then Saturday my local comic store was having a sale on the back issues. I only picked up four because of the aforementioned too big collection. And one of them was drawn by Infantino. So I’m forced to watch one of my favorite heroines lose a fight.

Although for some reason all four comics I picked up end on a cliffhanger. Go figure.

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Assassin round 12

The Battlefield: The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 (DC Comics; November, 1982) “A Very Strange And Special Girl”

The Promoters: Paul Kupperberg (writer), Carmine Infantino (penciler), Bob Okshner (inker), Ben Oda (letterer), and Ziuko (colorist)

Supergirl has just moved to Chicago to start college and met some new friends. Of course, she also meets her first new enemy.


Must resist….must resist….

So Psi…is a rather confused girl, worried that some kind of force is causing decay. That would be because her instructor (spoiler) is evil and manipulating her. Supergirl doesn’t like being attacked. (Not a spoiler.)


But Psi i….is a powerful psychic (that where the name comes from, not….no, I can do this) and she’s on a mission.


No, this isn’t a Firestorm, type fusion. Mr. Pendagast is able to control his protege…somehow. The girl half, Gayle, convinces him not to kill Supergirl, but to drain her powers…which will kill her anyway. But like I said, all the stories I picked up ended on cliffhangers. I’m sure we’ll return to…to…to..

I tried! You saw me try!

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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  1. Notintheface says:

    We’re doing Dueling Infantinos tonight. Nice!


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