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So last night I went to an advanced screening of Man Of Steel sponsored by Walmart, and filmed my v-log. However, I was too tired to edit it until this morning. So here’s an hour of me rambling about this movie. So did I see Superman or Steelman? Surprisingly, a little of both.

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  1. […] on everything here. I do like the direction Zack Snyder took with the DC universe. Man Of Steel, as I said in my review, was a decent superhero movie but a terrible Superman movie. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was […]


  2. […] course, it’s not like Synder cared what the Superman fans wanted when he made Man Of Steel, which I still say is a good superhero movie but a terrible Superman movie. I still can’t bring myself to watch […]


  3. […] grim and gritty. If I wasn’t doing this site I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it, and after I did I stated it was actually a good superhero movie…just a terrible SuperMAN movie. And the more […]


  4. […] take on Superman either. (Before the Snyder fans get on my case I have stated time and again from the first review I did of the movie that it’s a good superhero movie but a terrible Superman movie. You will […]


  5. […] to here on as “Snyder League” for short). But what about Man Of Steel, a movie that I STRESS YET AGAIN I thought was a decent superhero movie but as an adaptation of Superman completely missed why […]


  6. […] said literally after coming home from seeing the movie. I keep emphasizing this point: Man Of Steel was a good superhero movie, but […]


  7. […] I said it before and I stick by it. Man Of Steel was a decent superhero movie but as a Superman movie it’s terrible. Zack Snyder doesn’t understand Superman as a character because he goes against the things Snyder believes in this world, if his other movies are any indication. Being a good director doesn’t make him the right fit for every project and when it comes to this one that is most definitely the case. […]


  8. […] If you watch my v-log on the movie from the Walmart-sponsored early showing you will see I did not hate this movie. As a superhero origin movie I actually thought it was rather good. It had some good action, it’s not a bad journey for our hero, and the threat is significant, plus the locals get to help out in saving their planet. The acting is really good, I rooted for the side I’m supposed to, and in the end I’m glad I saw it. […]


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