Transformers: Monstrosity #1

The Dinobots take a terrible group photo.

Transformers: Monstrosity #1

IDW Publishing (June, 2013)

STORY: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
ARTIST: Livio Ramondelli
EDITOR: John Barber

Like Autocracy, this miniseries was originally presented as a “digital first” release and is set in the early days of the Cybertronian war in the IDW G1 Universe.

After the events of the previous mini, Megatron is in bad shape. Scorponok takes the opportunity to seize power, leaving the former Decepticon leader on the planet of Junkion. Yet Megatron survives and may yet still with the aid of Pentius, a mysterious creature long time Transformer fans will recognize (if only by species). Back on Cybertron, Optimus is trying to form a new government, but Dai Atlas isn’t too trusting of the name “Prime”. And the “Dynobots” are trying to escape the planet, worried that if they lose control their beast forms will take over and do untold amounts of damage. They’ve taken to stealing Energon to get enough credits to leave the planet…but Scorponok has plans for that Energon, too!

What they got right: Storywise it’s an interesting tale. While multiple things are going on they have a connection that may become clear later on. I won’t spoil the re-introduction of a certain group until next issue’s review but I’m curious to see what they do with it, having been teased in the Wheelie Spotlight so long ago. The political bits with Optimus trying to form a new governmental system works here because it’s only one event in the miniseries rather than the focus as in Robots In Disguise.

What they got wrong: [Obligatory “I don’t like painted art in comics” rant here.] So the Dinobots/Dynobots backstory here is similar to the Dinobots in IDW’s take on the Prime/Cybertron games Universe? Sometimes I wonder if these guys remember what universe their comics take place in, because a lot of Prime‘s elements, and some from the Movieverse, end up here a lot. Do something original, guys!

Recommendation: The art style kills any chance of a Best Scene nomination but this is starting off interesting from a story perspective. Give it a look, either in print or digitally.


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