Transformers MTMTE #17

“All I said was ‘I’d read a Godzooki one-shot’!”

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #17

IDW Publishing (May, 2013)

“Remain In Light” part 1: “The Fecund Moon”
WRITER: James Roberts
ARTIST: Alex Milne
COLORIST: Josh Burchan
SELECTED COVER ART: Sean Chen (artist) and Ton Chu (colorist)
ASSISTANT EDITORS: Toni Korde & Mariel Romero
EDITOR: John Barber

Ultra Magnus’s disappearance gets stranger, leading the Lost Light through a portal to a lost Cybertronian moon complete with new sparks…and old Decepticons! Meanwhile, Tailgate learns he’s dying thanks to all the years underground and those guys who chased Skids are back, and they’re after everyone now! But this is all Rodimus recounting events to some new guy.

What they got right: So Cybertronians DO have a life cycle, just a very long one. I approve of this, as no machine lasts forever. There’s an attempt to further explain where sparks come from and while I think they’re overdoing it, I appreciate the effort enough to put in here rather in the other category.

What they got wrong: OK, can we finish the Skids subplot because I really don’t care. There isn’t a whole lot of sense making here. And I do have to get on this bit about the special green sparks. Is that really going to add anything to the mythos that matters? And apparently the goofiness has spread to the character ID page. Kind of bugs me. It shows that they’re not taking ANYTHING seriously in this comic and that makes me sad. I do like the occasional light moments since they give a drama life, but the inmates seem to be running the asylum and launching it into outer space. I think we need more  Trailbreaker/Trailcutter.

Recommendation: I’m not sure where this story arc is going, so I’ll hold final judgement for now. It could be interesting or it could really lose me. Time will tell.

Oh, did I forget to mention Pharma appears out of nowhere looking like Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead? Guess that's how little I care, but it's still a cool pose.

Oh, did I forget to mention Pharma appears out of nowhere looking like Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead? Guess that’s how little I care, but it’s still a cool pose.



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