If you’ve read my review of the comic you’ve already seen this fight, but how often am I going to get this guy a spot in the win column for FNF? Anguirus has a history of getting his tail whipped. But with a little help he just might get through this one a winner. Who’s he facing?



This is going to hurt. Mostly Anguirus!

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Mosquito” round 8

The Battlefield: Godzilla Legends #1 (IDW Publishing; November, 2011) “The Underdog”

The Promoters: Matt Frank & Jeff Prezenkowski (writers), Matt Frank (artist), Josh Perez (colorist), and Chris Mowry (letterer)

The majority of the comic is the fight so I can’t show you everything but here are a few extra highlights not in my review. The majority of the fight is pretty much this:


At least he got a shot in.

Even the humans cheering Anguirus on are negative on the poor guy.


Luckily they also have a potential solution. Destoroyah doesn’t do well in the cold and they have giant freon tanks. The math is easy.


Don’t worry, he went to the G.I. Joe Parachute Academy

The final moment made my Best Scene Of The Week.



It’s nice to see Anguirus get a win on this one, even if he did need a little help.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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By the way, my review of the actual comic.


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