Not doing an ice pun, folks. Just go to the review.

Not doing an ice pun, folks. Just go to the review.

Batman ’66 #2

DC Comics (October, 2013)

WRITER: Jeff Parker
COLORIST: Wes Hartman
COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
EDITOR: Jim Chadwick
“Emperor Penguin” 
ARTIST: Ty Templeton
“Chandell’s Chanteuse”
ARTIST: Johnathan Case

In the main story, Penguin, with the help of Mr. Freeze, has created an iceberg blocking Gotham harbor. When Batman tries to foil their plans, he ends up a prisoner and it’s up to Robin to save both Batman and the day. In the back-up story, has Chantel truly gone straight or does the Siren have other plans? And is Gotham ’66 is getting their own Scarecrow?

What they got right: Again the art resembles the actors within legal limits (except for one) and none of the silly stunts like the Batmobile jump last issue that felt out-of-place in a story based on the TV show. There is a scene where Robin jumps a railing like Robin would in the comics, but I’m sure Burt Ward would have liked to move like that. Also, Bruce’s date to Chantel’s show is Ms. Kane, who (in a drug-induced vision–which is itself is bizarre and would only work in the comic) appears in a classic Batwoman outfit. I kind of like that.

What they got wrong: Would the UN really declare an iceberg a sovereign nation? And how does one go about doing that? (And yet I easily believe this Batman would use mental training to protect himself from Loreli Circe’s singing voice.) Also Chantel looks nothing like Liberace right down to the colorist making him blond. With everyone else having at least a passing resemblance to their actors it’s quite noticeable.

Recommendation: For those of you who still have a fondness for the TV show so many Batfans seem to hate (what do they know?) this is a fun comic and an alternative to the darker and more disturbing current book. Give it a look.

I don't care if she's a villain. She isn't Poison Ivy so we can all be jealous of Robin.

I don’t care if she’s a villain. She isn’t Poison Ivy so we can all be jealous of Robin.


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