Adrianne Palicki as Wonder-Woman

From the “DC Continues To Confuse Me” department we have Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment realizing what Dan Didio seems to have learned: say something stupid enough and people will talk about you. Remember, DC’s position is any talk is good talk even if it’s to complain about how poorly you treat the franchise you’ve been handed. Nelson tries to give a reason that Wonder Woman doesn’t have a movie in the works and the not-named-after-her TV show Amazon has gone into delayed production mode. It boils down to Wonder Woman being too “iconic” (there’s that word again) and that they want to get her right.

Twitch Film contributor Matt Brown takes the continuing idea that a Wonder Woman production is impossible and demonstrates why they’re wrong as well as calling out their continued addiction to Batman. On every level DC Entertainment seems to have forgotten what made DC so great and why there are so many fans. Are they really that afraid of icons?

Oooh, i just came up with a commentary topic……

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