Battlestar Galactica #2 (Realm)

“I don’t know what this “Comi-con” thing is but it looks dangerous!”

Battlestar Galactica #2

Realm Press (January, 1998)

“The Law Of Volahd” part 2
SCRIPT: James Kuhoric
STORY/ART: Chris Scalf
LETTERER: Tanja Scalf
BACK COVER ART: Robert Scott
PUBLISHER: Steve Atwell

Our quartet learn that “Voland” is actually an IL-Series Cylon and that the Cylons are experimenting on the people in the city, turning them into machines. One of the Acmarans, Averna, decides to help the group escape but are confronted by Volahd’s followers and the Cylons, but when the priest learns what he’s become he destroys the force field at the cost of his life, dragging an orbiting basestar down on to the city. Averna meets others who escapes the city and Apollo is finally able to contact the Galactica to obtain the fuel they need to move on. However, the Imperious Leader is getting more driven to take out the humans and on the prison barge some of the guards are ready to take action when it looks like Baltar may be released (after events in “the Hand Of God”.

What they got right: Scalf is trying to make this seem like a continuation. Even the Battlestar Wiki is calling this and the next story arc “season II”, even though there is no mention of that on the cover or in the credits. The story is good and would have worked well on TV, although the Acmarans wouldn’t have looked like that in 1979/1980.

What they got wrong: Why are they referring to the fuel source as “cyranite”? The Acmarans I could believe but the established Colonial name for their fuel source is tylium. Is this another fuel they need as well?

Recommendation: Only one arc in and I’m already getting more into this version than the comics set in the classic BSG series than either that came before or after it. It’s worth looking into if you’re a fan.

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