Fantastic Voyage is the story of a team of doctors and scientists who shrink down into a man’s body to destroy a blood clot…only one of them was sent by the man’s enemies to kill him. The movie even found a way to get Issac Asimov to write the adaptation and that plus the timing of the book’s release made people, including myself, think the movie adapted the book, which is not the case. One has to ask themselves…how the heck do you make a TV show out of that, much less a cartoon for kids?

Well, somehow Filmation found a way. Tonight we’ll look at the first episode to get some idea of what they came up with. Obviously a few liberties were taken.

Let’s all agree that Guru is a bad stereotype and move on. Also, talk about overselling the female character. Kidd just deals with a squid. Erica gets made out to be superawesome, as if trying harder to prove she can keep her cool under pressure. I think it’s the part where she has to pilot her own capsule that pushed it just over the edge for me.

The real flaw in this show, however, is the premise. If they wanted to explore “microscopic worlds” they may have had something. However, there are episodes where they face threats were being miniaturized is actually a bad idea. I even recall one where the Voyager was used while still full-sized. And how does shrinking beyond microscopic help solve the problems discussed in that meeting? What am I missing?

I do give Filmation credit for trying something different, though . I’m not sure who ordered a series based on the movie and I don’t think it needed one. For 1968 it wasn’t too bad and I first learned of the show in syndicated reruns in the late 70’s so it had some staying power even though it only lasted one season. I can’t seem to find an official release, though, and I’m not sure it’s a huge loss outside of possibly historical curiosity.

Tomorrow, however, will be different. There is one show that DOES have an official DVD release and Hulu posting…and it’s still my favorite Saturday Morning cartoon of all time! Tune in tomorrow to find out what it is…if you’ve missed me mentioning it before.


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