I probably should have save these next two for next week being Halloween week, but…oh well.

Morbius The Living Vampire #2

I wonder what a vampire’s dentist charges?

Morbius The Living Vampire #2

Marvel Comics (October, 1992)

“Welcome To The Jungle”
WRITER: Len Kaminski
PENCILER: Ron Wagner
INKER: Mike Witherby
COLORIST: Gregory Wright
LETTERER: Janice Chiang
EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

His vampiric needs returned, Michael Morbius is trying to limit himself to the scum of the city, but is still plagued by his actions. His doctor friend figures that instead of a full cure he should focus on controlling the symptoms, at least short-term. After taking down a pimp, Morbius remembers that a serum made from Spider-Man’s blood helped him put his mutation in remission before and decides to attempt to make contact.

What they got right: If you’re going to do a story about a vampire trying to do good, or at least limit his evil, you need to make him (or her) sympathetic without being pathetic. Kaminski does a good job of balancing not only Michael’s emotions but that of his companion, who has his own reasons for hiding Morbius. For a 90’s comic, the art here has been the least offensive of the comics I’ve reviewed this week, and some panels I would even call good.

What they got wrong: If all I have to complain about is that one crime scene photographer I wanted to punch in the face, it’s a good story. I know that, at least in fiction, crime scene humor happens, but this guy can beat a joke into the ground.

Recommendation: The only reason I’m taking this comic out of my collection is that this isn’t my genre of comic book. It’s still a good story, so if you like horror, thriller, or whatever they’re ultimately going for you might like this comic. Critically, it’s a decent comic. Personally, it’s not for me.

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