Transformers MTMTE #21

Kind of what I want for the comic. Maybe a better series will take its place.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #21

IDW Publishing (September, 2013)

“Remain In LIght” finale “This Calamitous Life”
WRITER: James Roberts
ARTIST: Alex Milne
COLORISTS: Josh Burcham & Joana Lafuente
EDITOR: John Barber

Tyrest is stopped by a team-up of Tailgate and Magnus. Outside, Cyclonus fights Star Saber who just..disappears after he’s defeated. Skids is able to go through the portal but must return to stop Tyrest’s agents. Perceptor finds a way to undo the killswitch, saving Cybertronians across space. Something pulls Ambulon’s remains (after Hot Spot shoots his head off) into the portal before it shuts down. Ratchet finds a cure for Tailgate’s condition, but Cyclonus has to act to save him. Our heroes take leave of the moon, animosities are resolved, and Cyclonus gets fixed up.

What they got right: For all the heck I’ve given this story, the ending is admittedly satisfactory for what it is. The plotlines are resolved well enough and if the upcoming “Dark Cybertron” leads to the end of this series, or at least this mission, it will be on a good note.

What they got wrong: That doesn’t change the issues I’ve had with this series and most of the main IDW G1 Universe. There’s no real research into these characters, their personalities, or anything else. Even their alt-modes get changed, making the characters unrecognizable no matter how much information we have about a character. The whole idea of a ship filled with mentally unstable crew members also bother me. It’s not really a band of misfits because nobody outside of this issue shows any kind of integrity or likability. Everyone aboard this ship had something about them that makes them someone you wouldn’t want to hang around, with Trailbreaker being the only exception. Could that change now? I really don’t care.

Recommendation: I wanted to finish reviewing this arc. Otherwise I’m not putting my even more limited budget towards this series or the other ones, with the exception of Beast Hunters. Now that’s a good Transformers comic so far.

Sadly, Cyclonus was only fantasizing it before agreeing to peace with Whirl.

Sadly, Cyclonus was only fantasizing it before agreeing to peace with Whirl.

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