Spider-Man #52

“This will help your toothache. We saw it on an old cartoon.”

Spider-Man #52

Marvel Comics (November, 1994)

“The Exile Returns” part 2″Deadline”
WRITER: Howard Mackie
INKER: Scott Hanna
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley
LETTERER: Richard Starkings
EDITOR: Danny Fingeroth

[continued from Web Of Spider-Man #118, a reprint of which I actually have somewhere around here…I forgot about that]

A reporter named Ellis has is it in for Ben Urich and is determined to scoop him by getting an interview with Venom, but is stopped by Ben Reilly, who wants to take him down. As Venom and the Spider-Clone battle, one of the Venom clones (for lack of a better term if you know their backstory), show up wanting to control her symbiote. Venom isn’t too happy with his “spawn” and wants them all dead, leaving Reilly to control the damage of their fight, and later knocking Venom into the river, temporarily halting the fight. The people in the area call him a hero, though he denies the title, and as Reilly swings off Ellis comes up with a name for him…The Scarlet Spider! (Ignoring the blue hoodie, I guess.)

[continues in Web Of Spider-Man #119, which I do NOT have]

What they got right: The art has a few panels that remind you it’s a 90’s comic but otherwise it’s darn good for the time. This includes the fights, at one point “narrated” by Ellis, who also gives Reilly his superhero name.

What they got wrong: I realize Ben is a clone of Peter, but unlike Finster last week watching Ben complain about how worthless he is while helping people during the symbiote battle isn’t nearly as endearing.

Recommendation: This one I may hold on to, and may hunt down the other two chapters. Scarlet Spider (the original) was a good character and it’s too bad the Clone Saga was so screwed up we had to lose him.


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