Rocketeer Spirit #4

“You’re going to watch Frank Miller’s ‘The Spirit’ whether you want to or not!”

The Rocketeer and the Spirit #4


IDW Publishing/DC Entertainment (December, 2013)

“Pulp Friction” part 4
WRITER: Mark Waid
COLORIST: Rom Fajardo
EDITOR: Scott Dunbier

Spirit is able to shake Betty out of her mind control just as the Rocketeer and the police arrive. Deducing that the villains’ plot involves an attack on the President. Will the superheroes come to an understanding and rescue FDR?

What they got right: I do like seeing the heroes in action together. When they get along they’re actually a pretty good team. Also…FDR gets to use the rocket pack and Cliff has to practically blackmail him to get it back. So much fun.

What they got wrong: You can easily say that using Betty’s desire to be an actress to snap her out of the mind control fits her character but I’m a bit disappointed that mentioning Cliff didn’t even slow her down from trying to kill the Spirit. And how did armed Nazi’s get into the US even before World War 2? And is it in character for the Octopus to work with Nazis? The usual bit is that “I’m a criminal, but I’m an American criminal”. Even the Joker balked when he learned he was working with Nazis in the Batman/Captain America crossover I could have sworn I reviewed.

Recommendation: This was a great four-part story for fans of both series or just fans of a good period piece adventure.

Yes, that's Franklin Delano Roosevelt using the rocket pack. Comics, people.

Yes, that’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt using the rocket pack. Comics, people.


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