Nighthawk #1

“Of course I’m not ripping off Batman. That’s what we have Moon Knight for.”

Nighthawk #1

Marvel (September, 1998)

WRITER: Jim Krueger
PENCILER: Richard Case
INKER: Bob Wiacek
COLORIST: Jason Wright
LETTERER: John Workman
EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Kyle Richmond, aka Nighthawk, is given a second chance at life by an angel who convinces him that by not stopping crime before it happened plus his days as a criminal. Awakening from a coma and given the ability to see a crime before it happens, Nighthawk’s methods are deemed too far by those who don’t know he’s preventing a crime, leading to a fight with Daredevil. When it appears Daredevil is killed by Nighthawk, the angel arrives because he can finally claim Kyle’s soul…because he’s really Mephisto!

What they got right: It’s was 90’s art? It looks more like one of the more open 2000’s when it comes to style and I very much improve. The idea of a hero that can see a crime before it happens and prevents it sounds like a good idea and at least in this first issue they make good use of it, as we get to see that it’s only a good power if you use it correctly. I also like the updated costume, especially the symbol.

What they got wrong: The first page is some guy handing out candy to a group of kids and encouraging them to be greedy with it. Does that have a point? It doesn’t appear to.

Recommendation: I want to find the other two issues. This was a good start and hopefully it finished just as good.

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