Li'l Bionic Kids

Wait, is he naked? Is Jamie’s hair covering up the nakedness?

Li’l Bionic Kids

Dynamite Publishing (2014)

WRITER: Brandon Jerwa
COLORIST: Andrew Elder
ACTIVITY SHEET: Roger Langridge & Andrew Elder
EDITOR: Molly Mahan
based on the Universal television series The Six Million Dollar Man

Another kiddie-fied re-imagining, this time of Dynamite’s interpretation of The Bionic Man and the Bionic Woman spinoff. As you may recall, I tried to read the former and just wasn’t into this version. Here Steven and Jamie were playing on those bouncy ride things that started showing up on playgrounds a few years ago but fell off and were hurt so bad they had to be given bionics. (Yes, Jamie for some reason had a parachute that ripped, thus keeping with the TV show.) In keeping with the comic version (or at least what I’ve seen in solicits) Steve and Jamie don’t get along, and they also are having trouble fitting in at an academy for special students; geniuses, robots, clones–that sort of thing. (That last part’s not in the comics.)

However, aliens decided to begin their conquest of Earth just as the bionic kids are hoping being in an athletic contest will help them win friends. But the school bully is cheating…and then there’s the robot Sasquatch. Yep, it’s that kind of comic and I loved it. While Jamie and Steve’s “relationship” is borrowed from Dynamite’s comic the rest of the cues come from the TV shows, which helps fans of both series. I like how the bionics are depicted with plastic robot hinges on their arms and legs. I like the artwork. I like the story. I pretty much like everything about this comic.

If Dynamite wants to put this team on a Bionic Kids ongoing I would buy every issue if it continued like this. For old and new fans, plus the kids since this is an all-ages title (meaning adults and kids can get something out of it) this is a great comic to have and I would love to see more Bionic Kids in the future.

"I'm not sure I get that much allowance."

“I’m not sure I get that much allowance.”


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