"I'm telling, I could have sworn the light was yellow!"

The Bionic Man #1

Dynamite Entertainment (2011)

Based on a story by Kevin Smith and the TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man
SCRIPT: Kevin Smith with Phil Hester
PENCILER: Jonathan Lau
LETTERER: Simon Bowland
COVERS: Alex Ross (shown); Paul Renaud; Stephen Segovia; Jonathan Lau
(personally, I wish I had gotten Paul Renaud’s cover, although all of them look more like pin-up art…like most comic covers these days)

This was based off of the script that Kevin Smith had intended for a movie, much like Dynamite main Green Hornet title.

A cybernetic assassin breaks into a high-tech facility, killing people, stealing data, and destroying a cybernetic arm prototype. The next day we cut to test pilot Steve Austin and his girlfriend, Jamie, as Steve leaves for his final test flight. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the plane crashes.

What they got right: I have to give them credit for getting the spirit of the characters–specifically Steve, Jamie, and Oscar, not so much Rudy (although we really don’t see him much, I’m going by his character model)–while adding their own take. The art is also well done.

What they got wrong: The opening scene is supposed to be violent, fine. It’s Kevin Smith. However, at least one panel I could have done without as being a bit overboard, when a guy’s head is cut along the jawline. Swords can’t even do that, I don’t care how “bionic” they are. Also, there’s a looming possibility that this Steve Austin may have a bigger chip on his shoulder than the TV version, and I want to see how Jamie fits into the story.

Recommendation: So far, I’m not quite sure. I’m assuming next issue we’ll see how Steve goes bionic, but for now I can’t be sure if I can recommend the series or not. We’ll see how they build from here. History, however, doesn’t quite put me in line with Smith’s visions.


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