West Coast Avengers Annual #2

“Are you sure they’re dead? Poke them with a stick.”

West Coast Avengers Annual #2

Marvel Comics (1987)

“Death & Texas!”
STORY: Steve Englehart
CREATIVE ASSISTANCE: Mark Gruenwald & Tom DeFalco
ARTIST: Al Milgrom
COLORIST: Greg Wright
LETTERER: Tom Orzechowski
EDITOR: Mark Gruenwald

The Avengers and West Coast Avengers are having a softball game that gets interrupted when a blast of light kills the Avengers, with Silver Surfer’s warning coming too late. The Grandmaster is the cause of their demise, and the West Coasters go to his brother, The Collector, to learn how to stop him. The solution is that the West Coasters must also die to lead them back from Death’s clutches. But Death’s clutches is what the Grandmaster is after. [Concludes in Avengers Annual #16]

What they got right: The fights are well done, although I still don’t like watching heroes fight each other. The teams are equally matched.

What they got wrong: What does Texas (see story title) have to do with this story? Also, I thought the point of this story was to cover the plothole at the end of Contest Of Champions? Unless something happens in the final chapter I think the GN just wanted to pad out the size so they could charge more.

Recommendation: It is a good first half so I do recommend it if you don’t mind heroes fighting each other. (And if you’re a Marvel fan you probably do.)

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