Contest Of Champions Marvel's Finest edition

Finding time to work on the Marvel posting  the last two weeks has met the wall hard. Last week I couldn’t do anything because of all the running around and this week it was snow…stopping me from running around. And then having to move it. But this allows me to do a quick look at the next few Marvel Tuesday reviews.

Contest Of Champions is one of the early crossover events, originally planned for a tie-in to the 1979 Olympics. However, certain miscommunication issues led to a 3-part miniseries…in 1982…that later had to be finished in two Avengers annuals to bypass a plothole. I picked up this “Marvel’s Finest” trade back when Contest Of Champions II came out in 1999…and I’m missing the last few issues of that miniseries. I’ve never actually had a chance to read this one so unlike the others, where I just forgot the stories in the sea of tales flowing through my head, this will be completely new to me. I may review the collection as a whole for The Clutter Reports and Reviewers Unknown.

There may be some interesting goofs as they had to cover for changes in character designs in the 3 years between and varioius roster changes. Because I’m getting them from a trade I’ll have to hunt down the individual covers elsewhere but there’s the cover for this collection, which will cover Marvel Super Hero Contest Of Champions #1-3, West Coast Avengers Annual #2, and Avengers Annual #16. Again, although I’ve had this book since 1999, I’ve never read the comic so don’t ruin it for me, please. Now, you all know how much I hate “hero vs. hero” stories because I’d rather see heroes fighting villains, so we’ll see if this finds a way to make it work for me or if I’m just going to be annoyed by the whole thing. I actually do enjoy the DC Vs. Marvel/Marvel VS. DC story so maybe this will work. We’ll all find out starting next week.


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