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Do you remember this picture?

All the Doctors they could find.

All the Doctors they could find.

That’s from a panel I’ve been wanting to show you guys since it posted. So I made it the first BW Panelling I was able to work on. This is from a panel called “Doctor Who + A: Is There A Doctor In The House”, hosted by Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer and Charles Dunbar. Gathering together some Doctor Who cosplayers around the 2013 ConnectiCon, with Dunbar standing in for the 7th Doctor, they let the fans ask any question of the Doctors, Rose Tyler, and Captain Jack they could think of. I also got to solve one major riddle that fellow Friday Night Fighter Brian Snell would like to have confirmation of. Enjoy.


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  1. […] bash my neighbor’s stereo or something. (I did run into one of the Doctor panelists from the Doctor Who+A panel at a grocery store though, and he recognized me. The only other time that’s happened is at […]


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