Mega Man #35

Picked up the X Variant. Have no idea what’s happening here.

Mega Man #35

Archie Comics (May, 2014)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
COLORIST: Matt Herms
LETTERER: John Workman
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski
“Shadow Of Ra Moon” part 2 “Fear Itself”
PENCILER: Tyson Heese
INKER: Gary Martin
“The X Factor” part 2 “The X Factor”
PENCILER: Patrick Spaziante
INKER: Rick Bryant


The group finds Ra Moon’s chamber and what’s left of the alien computer, confirming it’s no more. This is a huge relief for Rock and a bit of closure for Astril. Meanwhile, Break Man talks to Quake Woman about what her creator did by pulling out her emotions, and how Quake Woman can forgive her.

What they got right: Anyone who says all-ages are “kiddie crap” really needs to read this issue. This is what character development looks like. And it isn’t boring because of the search through the temple, stopping only to show Mega Man overcome his fear of the place where he almost died. Meanwhile, you have Break Man appearing to try to convince Quake Woman she should hate LaLinde and her countering with those same emotions, plus a moment where the doctor apologizes to her “daughter” and…you see what I mean? There may not be plasma shots and various objects flying around but for a comic for kids a lot of drama goes on while not being boring exposition.

What they got wrong: Nothing.

The X story is kind of short but anyone who’s played the game or followed the Mega Man X story (including the appearance in the Ruby/Spears cartoon) knows that the Maverick Hunters, a sort of reploid police force, may be a good idea but putting Sigma in charge will not end well.

What they got right: For a short story there’s some decent exposition. It introduces the Mavericks and the ruling body doesn’t freak out at their appearance and shut all reploids down but looks for a solution to handle rouge reploids while acknowledging that the majority of reploids are not the problem.

What they got wrong: Since it was short they didn’t have time to really screw anything up. It’s all information, well presented, to set up the crossover.

Recommendation: Anybody who puts down all-ages or kid-targeted comics should be given this comic. There’s no sexuality or angst, just character development that isn’t boring. This may be one of the best superhero comics on the shelf right now.

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