Iron Man V2 #6 (HR)

Anyone else think the size scale is a bit off? Even with Reed cheating?


Iron Man Vol. 2 #6

Marvel Comics (April, 1997)

“Industrial Revolution” part 2: “Industrial Revelation!”
STORY: Scott Lobdell
PENCILERS: Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, & Ryan Benjamin
INKERS: Scott Williams, JD, Trevor Scott, Saleem Crawford, Richard Friend & Sal Regla
COLORISTS: Joe Chiodo & Martin Jimenez
LETTERERS: Rich, Dave, Albert, & Liz
EDITOR: Mike Heisler


(continued from Avengers V2 #6) The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Fantastic Four try to get the gamma reactor under control, but in the end it takes the strength of the Hulk to succeed where even Thor and the Thing’s combined might failed. This leaves the Hulk alone in the chamber that held the reactor and Tony determined to save his friend Bruce Banner. (continues in Captain America V2 #6)

What they got right: I suppose it was good seeing the Reborn heroes together.

What they got wrong: But this story was padded with exposition, odd dialogue (like when Hellcat is going on and on in her mind about Captain America’s fortitude like she’s getting hot for him) and poor use of panel space. And for all the artists attached to this project the art is terrible. There are scenes where characters have their eyes closed like their straining but it looks more like they have what Linkara calls “Youngsblood disease” because there’s no facial expression showing they’re straining. I went with context to figure that out.

Recommendation: How there are more chapters in this arc I couldn’t begin to imagine, never mind how the arc’s title fits into this story. I really can’t support anything here. And I’ve found nice things to say about the earlier Iron Man Reborn comics.



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