Worlds' Finest #21

This is why I hate the New 52. This should NEVER be Superman!

Worlds’ Finest #21

DC Comics (May, 2004)

“First Contact” part 4
WRITER: Paul Levitz
INKERS: Joe Weems & Norm Rapmund
COLORIST:Jason Wright
LETTERER: Taylor Esposita
EDITOR: Mike Gotton
GROUP EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

[continued from Batman/Superman #9, which came out well after this and the next issue] The portal is open, but Earth 2 is a mess. Taisen is working for the now evil Earth-2 Superman and all this convinces Huntress that this can’t be their home, leading to her destroying the portal as the quartet must deal with a squad of parademons

What they got right: Not much. The fights looked cool I guess.

What they got wrong: They forgot to draw the armor from last issue. It just looks like the New 52 Superman armor. Power Girl is poorly written even by Levitz’s failings and she comes off as a real jerk, yet his Batman is less of one that Pak wrote in the corresponding issues. There’s obviously preferences going on between the two. That and the lateness of Batman/Superman #9 really bogs down what should have been a good crossover. Also, this pretty much insures that I do not want to read Earth-2. Superman 52 bugs me but I’m betting Earth-2 Superman 52 will piss me off like the Injustice: Gods Among Us version.

Recommendation: I can’t in good faith recommend this crossover at all. Everything I hate about the New 52 was on display here between these four issues. I did pick up the next issue of Worlds’ Finest for the aftermath, which I’ll review next week, but I think I’m done with this series if not the New 52 altogether. I’m better off buying backissues from the days when writers, artists, and editors knew what made the DC Universe work.

Worlds' Finest #21 Best Scene

Levitz gave Huntress and Batman all the good moments. Why am I not surprised.

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