Sergio Aragones Stomps Star Wars

One of the things that has Star Wars fans up in arms is that the Expanded Universe is no longer canon in the new movies. Except Lucas never considered it canon, either. The only book I know was canon, because that was a selling issue for the book, comic, soundtrack, and merchandise, is Shadows Of The Empire.

But some of you may be curious as to what the Expanded Universe refers to and what is and isn’t canon anymore. Luckily, That Guy With The Glasses contributor Nash Bozard has you covered. While Here There Be Dragons is usually Nash’s fantasy show…actually, the movies and Marvel comics referred to themselves as “science fantasy” instead of science fiction so I guess it technically still fits. At any rate, he takes a look at the history and status of the Expanded Universe, defends Disney’s decision, and recommends some good stories to get into the now spinoff continuity. Just be warned that he does break out the cursing.

As of this writing I do not have Nash’s permission to post the review to the Spotlight directly and that’s a big deal in the reviewing community (I only break it to promote certain reviewers and not for direct articles), so for now I will link to who does, over at That Guy With The Glasses.

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