RoboCop Versus The Terminator #2

Wait, what’s that one in the back even shooting at?

RoboCop Versus The Terminator #2

Dark Horse (October, 1992)

WRITER: Frank Miller
ARTIST: Walter Simonson
COLORIST: Rachelle Menashe
EDITOR: Randy Stradley

In the future, the Terminators hunt down the last human, a little boy. In the present however, the Terminators go after the soldier, whom RoboCop took the hospital, stealing the weapons from the cops. Murphy, having become aware of Skynet, is convinced of the woman’s story and with a little help from his maintainer and some ED-209s, defeat the Terminators. However, it’s only issue #2 so Skynet probably has a scheme or two left.

What they got right: Hey, the EDs did something competent for a change. I like how the computer world was depicted, with RoboCop regaining his Alex Murphy body (but naked). The action was well done. I’m of two minds when it comes to the narration though. While Miller’s usual style worked for the Terminator scenes….

What they got wrong: ….when it came to the human and RoboCop scenes it felt like the heavy-handed “noir-ish” style Miller’s known for and I’m not a fan of it. Also, when was RoboCop able to command ED-209s? Finally, this issue ends on what could almost be the end of the story, with just a page showing the new world…or maybe it should have given a hint that more was to come.

Recommendation: I’m finding the book hart to put down. When Frank Miller writes well he writes very well. Too bad we don’t get this Frank Miller as often. No political statements, no women acting like cheap sluts. Just the stuff we expect from this crossover.


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