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I needed the footage and I had nothing to discuss today except comments I refuse to acknowledge. So here’s an early Press Junket. I’m still behind on this stuff and I really wanted to show this one. It’s the biggest celebrity we had at the 2013 ConnectiCon Press Junket. This is why so many extra press people showed up. And then left after she did ignoring everyone else all three days. We have two actors from the remake of Battlestar Galactica on Sunday and you’re going to snub them? Then there was one guy who kept blocking my view so I have to move my camera so I could record this. Such rude people, considering the rest of us were there all three days interviewing as many stars as we could. Kind of annoyed me but they weren’t worth worrying about.

As you can tell from the title we had Marina Sirtis, star of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Counselor Deanna Troi) and Gargoyles (Demona). She told us about her first trip to Hartford, CT (where ConnectiCon is held) how she got the role of Troi, what it was like voicing Demona, and which character she enjoyed playing more. We even learned about her favorite soccer (or football is your non-American) team and what it was like on set.

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  1. […] appreciation outside of geek circles. Troi was played by Marina Sirtis, who I had the honor of joining a press junket she was in and even got to ask her a couple of questions. That’s why I really would like to […]


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