Batman '66 #11

This is where all the laughter of the Bat franchise went to?

Batman ’66  #11

DC Comics (July, 2014)

“The Joker’s” Big Show
WRITER: Jeff Parker
LETTERER: Wes Abbott

The Joker and Catwoman trick Arkham doctor Holly Quinn into perfecting a machine from issue #3 (which I wasn’t able to pick up apparently) that was supposed to drain the Joker’s insanity I guess. Only now he’s using it to pass on that insanity to others. The Dynamic Duo teams with Batgirl to track the felons down but it’s the good doctor who sacrifices her sanity to save Gotham.

What they got right: Parker continues to create “’66” versions of DC characters, in this case it appears to be Harley Quinn ’66. I kind of like her origin better here; the noble sacrifice over whatever was wrong with her in the cartoon. We also get Arkham Asylum, which never appeared in the show. Even the Joker just went to a regular prison. And finally we get the guys teaming with Batgirl, and it’s a full-length story to boot.

What they got wrong: Robin really got the short end on this one. He’s ignored by both Barbara and Batgirl (so same girl twice in each of both of their identities), and he doesn’t get a punch in edgewise in the only fight they had. And Catwoman doesn’t really do a lot to the point that she didn’t feel like she was needed for the story.

Recommendation: Nothing really stood out for Best Scene but it’s still a fun story that’s worth picking up.


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