Six Million Dollar Man S6 #3

Steve likes to make smores the hard way.

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #3

Dynamite (2014)

WRITER: Jim Kuhoric
ARTIST: Juan Antonio Ramirez
COLORIST: Fran Gamboa
LETTERER: Joshua Cozine

Maskatron comes home with a huge body count and Barney’s bionics. Steve is on the run from the Russian mecha, and Jamie finishes up a mission of her own. And the strange goo on the satellite begins to show its true form.

What they got right: It was nice seeing Jamie here. I wouldn’t mind this leading to an ongoing for her, but how to keep it from being confused with the “updated” Bionic Woman comic? There are some good story ideas.

What they got wrong: But again, too many for one comic. This is supposed to be a continuation of the show and while I’ll ignore the rather…well let’s just say what Maskatron did to Barney and the National Guardsmen wouldn’t fly on a 60’s TV show, having more than one plot line going on at the same time really wouldn’t happen.

Recommendation: That said, I’m still enjoying the comic and would easily recommend it to fans of the original series. There was no Best Scene nomination because nothing stood out but it was all a good read.


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