Six Million Dollar Man S6 #2

That evil 2X4 will never harm anyone again!

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #2

Dynamite (2014)

WRITER: Jim Kuhoric
ARTIST: Juan Antonio Ramirez
COLORIST: Fran Gamboa
LETTERER: Joshua Cozine


A strange substance on the satellite is not having a positive effect on one of the scientists. Meanwhile, Maskatron is sent to deal with rogue bionic owner Barney Miller Hiller (although those bionics are turned down to human levels) wearing Steve’s face, but goes out of control. During all of this the real Steve Austin is on a mission in Russia to sabotage a bipedal robot suit, but the Ruskies were tipped off and Steve’s going to test the weaponry…from the wrong end!

What they got right: Individually, these are some pretty good stories and the art is darn good. There’s also a nod to Barney’s last change name since the show Barney Miller aired between his appearances.

What they got wrong: Like I said, individually these are some interesting stories. Together there are too many. This is supposed to be a continuation of the show. Now if there’s a connection to whomever ratted out Steve, the alien substance on the shuttle, and Maskatron fine. But even then it feels like these should be three separate story arcs rather than three storylines on one arc like it is now.

Recommendation: I’m still liking this better than the other Bionic titles. This feels like I’m watching Steve Austin in action, right down to putting in the sound effects they didn’t need to. Fans of the classic series should be reading this.

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