Samurai Jack #8

I see someone’s been using the Foot’s cloning worm things from “Return To New York”.

Samurai Jack #8

IDW (May, 2014)

“Samurai Jack & The Caves Of Calamity”
WRITERS: Jim Zub & Andy Suriano
ARTIST: Andy Suriano
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman
“SAMURAI JACK” CREATOR: Genndy Tartakovsky

Aku tricks Jack into a cave that brings his reflections to life if he touches the walls, forcing Jack to face bizarre mirror images of himself.

What they got right: First the atmosphere. This issue contains no dialog, just the occasional sound effect. The visuals carry the entire story and it’s easy to figure out what’s happening and what triggers the mirror clones if you pay attention. I’ve also been wanting to see a one-shot story and this was perfect for the length.

What they got wrong: Zero complaints about this one. It was just right for the length and told very well. Had this been an episode I think it would have been well received. Nothing stood out as Best Scene because it was all that good.

Recommendation: While I wouldn’t want every issue to be like this it may be my favorite issue of the run thus far. I would encourage everyone to pick this issue up if you want to see the comic at its best.


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