Ultraman Tiga #2

“Yeah, I told you my big brothers would come for you!”

Ultraman Tiga #2

Dark Horse (September, 2003)

originally published by Jade Dynasty, Hong Kong

“Spark Of Hope”
WRITER: Tony Wong
ADAPTATION: Ken Siu-Chong, Michelle Lee, & Thomas Andrews
ARTIST: Khoo Fuk Lung
COVER ART: Mark Brooks & Arnold Tsang
LETTERING: Sno Cone Studios
DESIGNER: Darin Fabrick
EDITOR: Jeremy Barlow

The team heads to Mt. Tiga in hopes of finding the pyramid and Ultraman Tiga. Daigo is drawn there by Azure’s spirit and told that he is a direct descendant of her people and the one to awaken Tiga. However, Melba and Golza show up there as well and Diago tries to defend Tiga..seemingly with his life. But as the monsters destroy his plane a triangle of light leaves the plane and awakens Earth’s last hope…Ultraman Tiga!

What they got right: There are so many great moments, from Munakata’s pep talk to Diago meeting Tiga…it’s well written and I got drawn into the story. (No comic pun intended.) Maybe I’m comparing to old memories of the dub but the scene worked better in the comic than in the show. It’s also rare to plug the narration but I wish more US comics would use it like it is here.

What they got wrong: Rena says the light inside the pyramid was beautiful but it’s one of two times the artwork didn’t impress me (in this case the coloring didn’t match her description). The other are times when the characters’ eyes bug out like that scene in Total Recall to show an intense reaction. It’s a bit too silly for the art style.

Recommendation: I’m still loving this comic and you don’t even have to know anything about the franchise to read it. Get these comics.

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