Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet #2

Alex Ross uses live models for his covers. I like to imagine sticking some of his friends to a moving train for realism.

Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet #2

DC Comics (September, 2014)

“The Heroes Fight Back”
WRITERS: Kevin Smith & Ralph Garman
ARTIST: Ty Templeton
COLORIST: Tony Avina
COVER ART: Alex Ross
LETTERER: Wes Abbott

Our heroes break free of Gumm’s trap and the Hornet & Kato make their escape from the Dynamic Duo. Batman and the Green Hornet both use different methods to track down Gumm and his new partner in crime…the Joker!

What they got right: I like getting to see Ms. Case and District Attorney Scallion, the only other two people who know the true identities and mission of the Green Hornet and his mysterious ally. Hopefully we’ll get to see Pat as well. The likenesses are all well done. You even get the mustache that Cesar Romero refused to shave while playing the Joker.

What they got wrong: The Green Hornet has no recurring villains, at least not in the few episodes Encore aired for a while. Gumm was a joint threat in Batman/Green Hornet crossover episode that sparked this miniseries. As much as I like Romero’s Joker I’m not sure he was needed since there’s nobody from the Hornet’s rogues gallery, which we just established he doesn’t really have.

Recommendation: I have to give Smith (or maybe Garman) credit in that this does feel like an episode of the show. Bonus to the art team as well. Pick this one up if you’re a fan of either show.


"And she can ride in the trunk." "Kato!"

“And she can ride in the trunk.” “Kato!”



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