Let’s see. Dinosaurs, robots, and robot dinosaurs seem to do well for me. So how about cyborg dinosaurs? Since none of this week’s comics offered a fair fight I’m going to my minicomic collection and back to Eternia. Or rather Pre-Ternia.

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“Boogaloo” round 8

The Battlefield: Masters Of The Universe: The Powers Of Grayskull – The Legend Begins!” (Mattel; 1986)

The Promoters: Phil White (writer), Larry Houston (penciler), Bruce Timm (inker), Charles Simpson (colorist), and Stan Sakai (letterer)

I already know two of these names. We all know Bruce Timm, and I’ve see Sakai’s name in a number of comics.

Anyhow, the Sorceress takes He-Man to the past via a portal in the Eternia towers. Since nobody was then guarding said towers Skeletor walks right in and just goes through the portal. (Good going, heroes.) He makes friends with King Hiss and gets to ride a Pterodactyl. Oddly, this is the only dinosaur who has a normal Earth dinosaur name. Although I’m not sure why they’d have dinosaur names in the past but that’s the toyline’s fault. What matters is that Skeletor is messing around with history, so now He-Man must join in, wearing a disguise.

Boogaloo 8a

So she needed to cast a spell to create a mask and cloak but a cyborg dinosaur with a mounted gun just gets conjured up. Sounds reasonable.

And so, clad in his ultimate magical disguise, He-Man heads into battle!

Boogaloo 8b

Cyborg dinosaurs in Eternia’s ancient past. This planet makes no sense at all sometimes.

Well, it looks like there’s another player in the game.

Boogaloo 8c

SPOILER: No next issue was made.

Had the toyline continued, the mystery sorcerer would have been revealed as He-Ro, He-Man’s ancestor. The “Powers Of Grayskull” line was never finished outside of the Preternian dinosaurs seen here, although elements would be brought into Mattel’s current continuity that’s just a lot to get into here and I don’t have all of the pieces. Because I own none of the Classics toys.

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