Silverhawks #1

Looks like Mon*Star’s power really went to his head.

Silverhawk #1

Star Comics (August, 1987)

“The Origin Story”
WRITER: Steve Perry
PENCILER: Mike Witherby
INKER: Jim Sanders III
COLORIST: John Wellington
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Howard Mackie

An adaptation of the first two episodes, “The Origin Story” and “Journey To Limbo”. When Mon*Star escapes Limbo prison and breaks out his mob, Earth sends cyborg cops specially prepared for the travel and defense of the Limbo galaxy, codenamed: Silverhawks. Under the command  Johnathan Quick (codename: Quicksilver), twins Will and Emily Hart (codenames: Steelwill and Steelheart respectively, who end up needing artificial hearts), Colonel T. Boone Pickens (codename: Bluegrass, pilot of the Mirage transport), and a volunteer from the Planet Of The Mimes who name can’t be pronounced in English (codename: The Copper Kid). When they arrive at Hawk Haven, their base of operations, they’re greeted by both their chief, Commander Stargazer, and the mob, resulting in the Silverhawks’ first victory against the mob.

What they got right: As an adaptation it does very well. There are minor dialog changes but it doesn’t get anything really wrong. In fact, we actually get a real name for Bluegrass, which I recall being the only one who didn’t have one in the episode, as well as the name of his guitar weapon (the Spectrum Guitar). So if anything Perry ADDED to the adaptation.

What they got wrong: Outside of the aforementioned dialog changes, nothing. I do have to ask one question about the show, though. Why is Bluegrass the only Silverhawk without wings. I know he’s the pilot but you would think he’d still have them for an emergency. This is never explained in either the show or the comic.

Recommendation: Silverhawks is one of my favorite shows, maybe even more than Thundercats, the show whose success led to Rankin/Bass continuing to make sci-fi animal-themed action shows (which would include Tigersharks as part of the anthology show The Comic Strip). And this is a good adaptation. I wish Marvel had done adaptations as well as their imprint did. A good comic to introduce yourself to the partly metal/partly real space cops.

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