Simpsons Comics #29

Wrestling-themed chiropractic centers aren’t doing well for some reason.

Simpsons Comics #29

Bongo Comics (1999)

COLORIST: Nathan Kane
LETTERER: Jeannine Black
“Let’s Get Ready To Bumble”
WRITER: Jeff Rosenthal
PENCILER: Phil Ortiz
INKER: Tim Bavington
“Bringing Down Baby”
WRITER/ARTIST: Bill Morrison

In the main story, Captain Slamtastic, featured wrestler for a promotion Burns owns, retires. So Burns has Homer take his place and he does surprisingly well. Too bad none of his friends believe him and his family only does when his undees are exposed on TV. Marge comes to support him but Homer ends up accidentally hit and loses the match. Typical Homer.

The back up is about Maggie saving a baby she doesn’t get along with when he’s pulled into the air by balloons.

I’m not a huge Simpson fan but I did watch it now and then and I was a wrestling fan when I first picked up this comic. And it does feel like what I remember the show was like and a decent wrestling story as only The Simpsons would tell it. There’s not a whole lot I can say beyond that. The back-up story didn’t make an impression one way or another. Simpsons/wrestling fans might get some fun out of this but my tastes have changed and this doesn’t really do anything for me now.

If you still want this comic I have a copy available at the Comics For Sale section of my other website, The Clutter Reports.

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