Simpsons Comics #31

Still looks better than that Pieman thing he does in the Super Specials.

Simpson Comics #31

Bongo (1997)

WRITER: Bill Morrison
PENCILER: Phil Ortiz
INKER: Tim Bavington
COLORIST; Nathan Kane
LETTERER: Jeannie Black

At a masquerade ball Homer and Marge dress like Radioactive Man and Lariat Lass. After accidentally stopping a real (Springfield-style) supervillain Homer gets amnesia and things he actually is Radioactive Man so the police stick him in the nut hatch. There he runs into Leon (the guy who pretended he thought he was Michael Jackson, now the janitor), who convince “Radioactive Man” to make him his new Fallout Boy. Together they have to rescue Marge from Burns’ killer robot thing from an earlier issue. The result is Homer regaining his memory, but Leon thinking he’s Bart.

Where the previous issue I reviewed lost me because I outgrew wrestling, this was the exact opposite because I enjoy a good superhero parody. Radioactive Man to me looks like he could be played by Homer, with some weight loss and a better shave. We also see what happened to Leon when he’s not voiced by Michael Jackson. This issue will be staying in my collection. It’s a fun read and I actually laughed at one point. Well, chuckled at least.

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