MMPR Saga #3

Are they watching a snuff film?

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Saga #3


Hamilton (October, 1995)

WRITER: Don Markstein
PENCILER: Steve Stiles
INKERS: John Heebink & Aaron McClellan
COLORIST: Joseph Allen
no letterer credited
EDITORS: John Clark & Gary Leach

The chronicle of the Rangers’ history concludes with the arrival of Lord Zedd, forcing the Rangers to swap the DinoZords for ThunderZords. However, Tommy soon uses up the last of his Green Ranger powers stopping a bunch of toughs from becoming Zedd’s evil Rangers. However, he soon gains new power as the White Ranger.

What they got right: They did get in all of the original Ranger team’s most important stories, and the Rangers from the fight in the first issue turns out to be Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, the replacements of Jason, Zack, and Trini. While the artists don’t use the show’s design for Zedd’s evil Rangers, I like their design better. Bulk & Skull finally make an appearance.

What they got wrong: The rest of the redesigns for the monsters I didn’t care for. Nimrod, the monster fought during the creation of the White Ranger, is just a large hand with feet; it’s not even a good design like the messed up Piranhahead. Also while the other two issues did a good job of getting decent pacing to get all of the information in, this felt more rushed and important stuff were passed by.

Other notes: Throughout the issues we saw Zedd and Rita’s monsters attacks always ended up destroying one business in particular, ruining the owner. This was a planned plot point for the second storyline, giving a different set-up chronicling the new trio’s addition to the Ranger ranks. Hamilton lost the license before these could be produced.

Recommendation: This was easily the weakest of the three adaptations but not bad if you hadn’t seen the episodes. I still recommend the DVDs over this miniseries, though.


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