Astro City #15

The robots….they’re all dead! Did Ellie learn from Shockwave?

Astro City #15

Vertigo (November, 2014)

“Friends & Family”
ARTIST: Brent Eric Anderson
COVER ART: Alex Ross
COLORIST: Wendy Broome
LETTERERS/DESIGN: John G. Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt
EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

Ellie gets her day in court but she’s not hanging around long. She knows who is after her robots…or rather after her, and how to stop her enemy.

What they got right: I do like Ellie’s story and her connection to robots. And yet she just lives her life rather than becoming a superhero. I wonder how many born or accidental supers do that? We’ve see one tale around that anyway.

What they got wrong: There’s a part where Ellie’s reaching out to her enemy and she goes into a rant about said enemy’s backstory. I don’t think we needed that big an info dump. I’m not feeling sorry for the villain here. I also wish Fred was more than a plot device, but it was nice to see Ellie forgive him so easily because she knows he’s an idiot.

Recommendation: A good comic when partnered with the previous issue, but reading this one may make you want the previous one anyway. This is a good series and you should be following it.

Nice robot designs, too.

Nice robot designs, too. A bit retro and a bit modern.


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