So I didn’t really earn a spot in the Prize Fight this tournament. Seriously, I brought at least two Godzillas and still lost. I think I’m losing faith in humanity. This tournament was named for Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts, who would dance into the ring. So the fights for this Prize Fight requires dancing as part of the theme. I’m going to stretch this one like Plastic Man!

Friday Night Prize Fight logo

Boogaloo Prize Fight!

The Dance Floor: Super Mario Bros. #2 (Valiant; 1990) “Magic Carpet Madness”

The Promoters: John Walker (writer), John Costanza (penciler), P. Zorito (inker), The Gradations (coloring) and Jade Moede (letterer) (credits courtesy Grand Comics Database because the comic just lists a bunch of names)

This requires some set up. Princess Toadstool’s father (that would be the king for those of you keeping track) walks into the castle with muddy shoes after tending his garden. The princess may be the smartest one in the comic, but she makes up for that with a bad temper.

Boogaloo PFa

Oh, and that part about her being the smartest character? That’s not saying much as she calls the Apook rug cleaning company. Later she went to donate blood at the Alucard blood bank.

Boogaloo PFb

In case you can’t read the bottle, it reads “Flying Carpet Juice”, so you can guess where this is heading. This leads to the actual fight. It’s short and sweet.

Boogaloo PFc

She hasn’t been kidnapped in days.

This doesn’t turn out to be your regular “kidnap the princess” plot but I’ll save that for another fight.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to to vote for the best Prize Fighter! (Forum membership is NOT required to vote, only to comment.) He (we don’t have any she’s so feel free, ladies) will win an actual prize so feel free to join us in the next tournament. Check on Tuesdays for rules and to confirm the fight is on!


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