Remember last time when I said it was the last issue. Guess I was wrong. And nobody called me on it.

Adv Of Superman #17

I am jealous of these glowing effects.

Adventures Of Superman #17

DC Comics (November, 2014)

COVER ART?: Steve Rude
EDITOR: Alex Antone
“Seeds Of Destruction”
WRITER: Jerry Ordway
COLORIST: Glenn Whitemore
“Ghosts Of Krypton”
WRITER: Steve Niles
ARTIST: Matthew Dow Smith
COLORIST: Jordie Bellaire
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
“Mystery Box”
WRITER: Kelley Sue McConnick
ARTIST: Valentine De Landro
COLORIST: Matthew Wilson
LETTERER: Wes Abbott

In the first tale OMAC journeys to the past to save Superman when a robot is sent back to kill the Man Of Steel. The last page wanted to be two (and that must have been a pain for digital readers) but it’s a good story.

The second finds a new space station plagued by ghosts and only one of them comes from Krypton. I didn’t care for it personally but I would never call it a bad story. It’s well-written and the art is decent. It’s just not for me.

The last story finds Lois getting Superman a Valentine’s Day present (I don’t know if that had anything to do with the artist but it’s at least a funny coincidence) and Superman trying to figure out what to get her. It’s short but cute. It’s my favorite, if only because it’s not Superman and Wonder Woman on Valentine’s Day. It shows off why Clark and Lois are such a cute couple, but it’s Superman and not Clark. If I had a complaint outside of Lois’ character model (I swear she looks just like Linda Danvers (Supergirl’s alter ego) from the seatbelt PSA comic) it would be that. Still enjoyed it.

So apparently I don’t know how many issues are left. I’m hoping a lot more are coming out because I really like this comic. It’s the only source of new stories featuring the Superman I grew up with and love, rather than the New 52ed disappointment we have now.

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