Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego #2

The early concept for Lost needed work.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego #2

DC Comics (September, 1996)

“The No-Class Classroom” or “Carmen’s Big Brain Drain”
WRITER: Barry Liebmann
ARTIST: S. M. Taggart
COLORIST: Rick Taylor
LETTERER: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: Laura Hitchcock

Carmen sends her parrot to get Red “Len” Bulk, Ratman, and Robocrook to steal a giant Menorah, a generator, a subway train, and the Aurora Borealis, as well as Albert Einstein’s brain (which he donated to science) and the Rutger’s University building housing it, as part of a plan to create a computer based on said brain. Meahwhile, Evan worries about a “sophomore curse” a snitch with a robotic camel (sometimes it’s hard to know which weird things come from the game and which from Liebmann) warns him about, but with a little encouragement and Bazooka’s help he’s able to pull through, rescue the stolen items and bring in the bad guys (except Carmen herself of course). Albert the computer is added to the Acme ranks.

What they got right: There’s continuity with the previous issue but not a demand you should read it first. That’s fine for a kids comic. The mystery is well-developed.

What they got wrong: The solution, however, is not. Yes, Evan makes a connection to Eistein’s theory of relativity (they’re stretching with “mass” transit) but there’s no connection to needing any of these items to build a computer. If this was her way of getting these three to work together after botching the theft of Lincoln’s nose from Mount Rushmore, fine, but otherwise none of the thefts really serve any purpose except for Rutger’s.

Other notes: Although we do learn that at the time of the comic the rest of Einstein’s brain was in some guy’s apartment.  From Wikipeidia: In 2010, Harvey’s heirs transferred all of his holdings constituting the remains of Einstein’s brain to the National Museum of Health and Medicine, including 14 photographs of the whole brain (which is now in fragments) never before revealed to the public.[6][7] More recently, 46 small portions of Einstein’s brain were acquired by the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. In 2013, these thin slices, mounted on microscope slides, went on exhibit in the museum’s permanent galleries.[8]

Recommendation: I don’t know what other pieces of info are outdated, but I would imagine where Einstein’s brain is would be it. With that in mind it’s still a good comic for kids.


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