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CW’s take on the Flash appears to be (forgive me for this) a runaway hit among my circles. So for this installment we return to the Super Powers Collection mini-comics. I haven’t reviewed these in order even though there are issue numbers, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing about one issue happens again in the next one. Heck, the next issue features Braniac and he’s defeated in this one. Therefore, I feel free to review them in whatever order comes to me. And this time, it’s the Flash.

Super Power Flash

As usual, no credits are given.

The story actually starts with Superman, as he sees Braniac’s ship. You know, the giant head with the tentacles coming out of the bottom? It was in the two “Super Powers” seasons of Super Friends/Super Powers Team since they had a toyline to help promote. It was the same time Braniac changed voice actors and swapped out his green-faced humanoid body for something more mechanical and, I’ll be honest, cool-looking. But before the Man Of Steel can act he’s hit with a light beam and vanishes. The villainous robot does the same to Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, transporting them into stasis tubes aboard their ship.

I can make tons o' money selling them mint in package on eBay.

I can make tons o’ money selling them mint in package on eBay.

I’m not even sure he has half of wave 1 of the figures but I’m the wrong guy to ask. His next target is the Flash, who is racing to save people from a burning building, running fast enough to not be hit by the beam, but still able to see it. Braniac keeps shooting teleportation beams but Flash is so fast he can even run on water to avoid the beams, until slowing down to save passengers on a small sinking boat leaves him open to being hit.

Once he has the Flash, Braniac reveals his plans, to capture the rest of the Justice League, study their superpowers, and replicate them, making him unstoppable! He hadn’t counted on the Flash’s other superpower–dodgy science!

I don't know how that works, but it did. You can't argue with results.

I don’t know how that works, but it did. You can’t argue with results.

I’ve said before that these comics are really short, especially compared to others I’ve reviewed (the Marvel Drakes comics and the Masters Of The Universe stories) but for 8 pages it wasn’t until the review that I realized just how short it was. Nothing about this could have been extended without becoming padding. It was short, but it told all it needed to, while Batman’s comic could have been longer and Superman’s should have been longer. For the space limit imposed by whomever (either Kenner or DC, probably depending on budget) this was a perfect story. I just wish these had credits so I knew who to thank.



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