Fury Of Firestorm #46

You wonder if Firestorm is sick of hentai jokes by now?

Fury Of Firestorm #46

DC Comics (April, 1986)

“Deadly Prelude”
WRITER: Gerry Conway
PENCILER: J.J. Brozowski
INKER: Mike Machlan
COLORIST: Nansi Hoolahan
LETTERER: Carrie Spiegle
EDITOR: Janice Race

Firestorm investigates Summer’s kidnapping but after learning Slipnot is involved he starts wondering if she was actually broken out. Ronnie has another confrontation with Cliff for what the jerk told his dad, but father and son reconcile after Martin tells Ed the truth about Cliff. Felicity brings Ed and Ronnie to an electronics expo where the Firestorm Revenge crew (and Bolt) have come to steal a special computer prototype. However, while Mindboggler and Slipnot get the drop on the hero, it’s Bolt (the guy who has no stake in Firestorm’s defeat) who sends the hero flying out of Pittsburgh like a meteor…and right in front of Bolt’s enemy, the superhero Blue Devil. (continued in Blue Devil #23, which I sadly do not own)

What they got right: They and the narrator never refer to themselves as the Firestorm Revenge Squad, but I like the idea of Firestorm’s greatest enemies (not counting Tokamak, whose still dead) gathering to take revenge. And even if Hyena is the only one of any real interest (or at least one I’ve seen in action), it’s a good team-up. (Except for Bolt, but he’s only here to connect to Blue Devil.)  I don’t have the conclusion to this story but I hope it’s good.

What they got wrong: Get Cliff Carmichael out of this comic! Even as a bully Flash Thompson had more charm than this scumbag and unless he finally turns supervillain I want him gone!

Recommendation: Somebody pick up Blue Devil #23 and tell he how this ends, or even send me a copy so I can see for myself. It’s a good first part between this and last issue.


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