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The quotation marks should be obvious for anyone who has heard this song and tried to figure out the lyrics. Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” was the last single from the album Seven And The Ragged Tiger, proving that not making sense wasn’t limited to this song. The last two songs are “Tiger, Tiger” and “The Seventh Stranger”, but neither were selected as singles.

As for “The Reflex”, the song makes no sense. I was going to wait on this but what the heck. The band has admitted that they were drunk off their backsides when they came up with this song, but I have to wonder why nobody during the whole process didn’t sober up and say “the music, beat, and pattern of the song are great…now fix the lyrics!”. I’ve heard dance club music that made more sense, and they’re not usually meant to. I love dance music but have you listened to the lyrics of some of these songs? (Not surprising then that there’s a dance mix of this song.) So can anybody make a story out of…this?

There are always going to be those people who will try to find a deeper meaning in every song, movie, book, and bowl of alphabet soup. I was hoping to find an interview where they confirmed they were drunk and have no idea what the song is about, but that doesn’t stop the internet. I’ve heard that it was about drugs, spontaneous reaction, not thinking with your pants, playing with your pants, and my personal favorite that was sadly voted down as unhelpful, cutting words out of a magazine and tossing them on the floor. However, if the band doesn’t remember, why the heck would any of us have the magic revelation two decades plus later? I like the music and the beats and I’m fine with that.

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