Reggie 12 FCBD

What did the Iron Giant ever do to you?

Reggie 12 Free Comic Book Day

Highwater Books (July, 2009)

CONTRIBUTORS: Ralph Stevenson, Brian Ralph, Mart

Reggie 12 is the creation of Dr. Tinkerton, who protects an unnamed city from evil giant robots and monsters. Living with them is the talking cat, Casper, and other robots, the closest friend of Reggie being Donald 14. The comic is a series of strips that appeared in either Giant Robot Magazine or Nickelodeon Magazine.

Stevenson and Ralph keep a similar writing and art style, but the one story by “Mart” is unique in both. I’m sure somebody found these amusing, but I’m not one of them. While they’re not necessarily bad people/cats/robots, it’s just not as funny as other attempts to parody the Astro Boy format. (Robotboy and Jenny/XJ-9 from My Life As A Teenage Robot come to mind.) They’re not very likable since too often they come off as self-focused but otherwise good-hearted…I think. I can’t even really say the strips are bad, although Mart’s story is jarring in how different it is. It’s just not something I found myself drawn to. You’re mileage may vary.

If you still want this comic I have a copy available at the Comics For Sale section of my other website, The Clutter Reports.

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