Street Sharks #1

This came from the 1990s. This should not surprise you.

Street Sharks #1

Archie Comics (January, 1996)

Archie produced two Street Sharks miniseries, the first being an adaptation of the three-part pilot for the TV series, based on the toyline

WRITER: Martha Moran
ADAPTATION: Evan Skolnick
PENCILER: Nelson Ortega
INKERS: Jay Oliveras & Phil Sheeky
COLORIST: Kyle Hunter
LETTERER: Luke Marlin
MANAGING EDITOR: Victor Gorelick
EDITOR: Fred Mendez

Dr Paradigm has stolen Dr. Bolton’s work on DNA…something. When Bolton confronts Paradigm, he “gene slams” Bolton, turning him into a monster who escapes. Paradigm did the same to a lobster and swordfish, creating Slobster and Slash. He then decides to experiment on Bolton’s four sons–Clint, John, Coop, and Bobby–turning them into humanoid sharks. They escape with both the cops and Paradigm on the run, even when they try to help people along with their friend, “Bends”. At the amusement park, the “Street Sharks” (as Bends names them to convince a boy they’re promoting a new ride) defeat Paradigm’s monsters but are surrounded by tanks.

What they got right: I found the episode being adapted and with some minor dialog changes and additions it’s a proper adaptation of the episode.

What they got wrong: Which is also the problem. The thing (in both forms) is loaded with the 90’s addiction to “extreeeeeeeemmmmmeee!!!!!!!!!!” content. The boys all use extreme sports (except for Clint, who has a rocket pack for some reason”. We get the expression “jawesome”, which is just “awesome” with a “j”. If this is the era you grew up in, that’s great for you. I’m an 80’s kid and while I can get behind the concept it’s just a bit too wired for me.

Recommendation: If you’re nostalgic for the toy and show, this comic will work great for you. If you’re like me, then you won’t care for it. The next two issues are also adaptations of the miniseries while the next volume are original stories. I’m not adding these to the sell page over at The Clutter Reports until I’ve gone through them all and made a final decision, but I have to tell you, we aren’t off to a good start here. It’s not bad, just not my style.

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