The Transformers #70

Funny, I said the same thing while reading this comic.

The Transformers #70

Marvel (September, 1990)

“The Pri¢e Of Life! (Yes, with the cents sign)
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Andrew Wildman
INKER: Stephen Baskerville
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Rick Parker
EDITOR: Rob Tokar

Megatron and Ratchet have fuzed into a monstrosity and while Kup wants to destroy it, Optimus is determined to save Ratchet, even if it means they have to save Megatron as well. Meanwhile, Grimlock finally reaches the well of Nucleon, ignoring all warnings–even from a mechanoid who has “fed” from the tap that Nucleon affects every mechanical being differently…and who knows what will happen to any Transformer exposed to it?

And of course it will go over big for Grimlock because he never gets in trouble for his actions. (I’ll get into that in a Furman File around Generation Two, with one on Prime next week.) This is how Furman is going to attempt to introduce the Action Masters, but I prefer the ad’s story better.

And there wasn’t even much of one. Then there’s the main story (surprisingly there are only two this issue). Who are we supposed to side with? Kup has a point but he’s a jerk. Prime has a point but he’s been indecisive and emotional lately. Ultimately I side with Optimus because Autobots don’t kill, even their enemies, if there’s another option (which seldom exists on the battlefield, which this isn’t).

I’m getting less and less into these comics as we go along. The lack of proper format lately should make that obvious.

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